Lead Editor; Yale Journal of Health Policy, Law, and Ethics

Soliciting Editor; Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine


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“Health Disclosure in Informed Consent: Implications for Disabled Doctors” (Ohio State University Multiple Perspectives Conference)

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“Engaging Persons with Dementia: An Interdisciplinary Reflection on the Impact of Artistic Activities on the Self-estimation of Wellbeing” (UCF)


2021 UCF Founder’s Day Award, Outstanding Thesis,  College of Medicine “Understanding Surgical Stapler Error in Medical Use: A Philosophical and Scientific Review”

Where am I now?

I am currently applying to medical school with the hopes of continuing research into surgical error and designing solutions such as “smart” surgical tool systems that provide feedback to the operator.

Throughout undergraduate I worked with Dr. Luciana Garbayo at the University of Central Florida on projects related to philosophy in medicine. I successfully defended an undergraduate thesis on Surgical Stapler error with her guidance and support from 2019-2020.

From December 2016-September 2018 I was a research assistant for Dr. Corey Bohil’s Categorization and Decision lab, which focused on design theory and cognitive psychology, with an emphasis on implicit rule based learning among different age groups.

I was able to work with screening research subjects and their psychological profile, collect and catalogue data, as well as operate Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy  caps (fNIR).