More About Me

A little bit about myself; I’m the oldest of three, my mother is an ER nurse, and my father works in aviation, starting as an airplane mechanic when he was younger.  I’ve had the great experience of moving 11 separate times across the east coast prior to college which has given me a much larger perspective and the ability to feel comfortable just about wherever I am.

Since I was young I’ve loved working with my hands.  I was practically obsessed with Legos and in love with piano for as long as I can remember.  Shortly after my family moved to South Florida I transitioned this love of building into working on small aluminum-hull boats when I was around 13 (my first attempt to start my own business).

Once I got my drivers license I was able to take my money from building small boats and working at a local movie theater and purchase a 96′ Ford Ranger, which has been once of my most favorite and largest projects.  While my other passions within academics have become quite time-intensive I still exercise these passions through projects I take up when I have extended breaks.

After volunteering in Cleveland Clinic of South Florida I found a further love and appreciation for medicine and caring for others.  I came to University of Central Florida in an early admissions program to their medical school, the Burnett Medical Scholars program.  I’ve also discovered my passion for philosophy and ethics while studying there, and hope to further intertwine this within my future career.  My favorite philosophers are Immanuel Kant and Zeno of Citium.

I also love to read; my favorite authors are Hemingway and Steinbeck, and among my favorite books are “A Farewell to Arms” (Hemingway) , “The Old Man and the Sea”(Hemingway), “To a God Unknown” (Steinbeck), and “Slaughterhouse-Five” (Vonnegut).

I’m also a big fishing fanatic.  Freshwater, saltwater, flats, offshore, I love it all. I’m an advanced scuba certified diver and have had the pleasure of diving in the Caribbean, Atlantic, Pacific, and freshwater locations.