Here are a list of the major leadership positions I’ve held below, and a short description. Click on the picture if you’d like to read more.

Founder, Editor in Chief from 2016-2020

I’ve always been fond of humor and satire, and in Fall of 2016 I realized that this was a piece of culture and community missing at University of Central Florida. I started The Stallion with a small team of around 4 writers, and it has grown to a team of around 13 talented individuals with an average of 5,000+ unique readers per month. I strongly value our right to free speech and the many benefits it can bring a community. This publication has helped strengthen that right within the students at UCF. These efforts have been recognized by UCF’s Honors College, and UCF affiliated publications.

Phi Delta Epsilon FL Beta President of 2018

My father has a saying; “If you’re the smartest in the room, you need to leave that room”. I joined this organization to follow that creed, and stepped into the presidency to ensure that our future would allow others to feel the same way. As president I was able to raise our chapter’s average GPA from a 3.31 to a 3.72, and reorganize our involvement to be more focused on topics relevant to our member’s growth into future physicians such as medical ethics, exploring what makes each medical school unique, and more one on one time with physicians for our members.

Here is a list of more minor leadership roles I’ve held within the last few years:

  • Senior Mechanic at Heanssler Oil Co. (2020-2021)
  • Senior Technician at Valvoline by UCF (2017-2019)
  • Team Leader for the Burnett Honors College (Fall 2017)
  • Board Member of UCF’s Golden Rule Committee (2017-18′)
  • Panel Member of UCF’s Conduct Board (2017-Current)
  • Volunteer Chair of the Senate Leadership Committee of UCF’s SGA (2016-17′)
  • Building Manager for AMC Weston 8 (2016-2017)